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Ingenuity Variant Analysis (IVA): User Policy

USC IVA Access Policy

The Norris Medical Library has licensed the Ingenuity Variants Analysis (IVA) for the free use of USC faculty, students, and staff. While the license allows an unlimited number of concurrent users, the maximum number of samples stored in IVA at any given moment is 50 for the ENTIRE USC.  To ensure an efficient, equal and fair access to this software, all users much comply with the following user policy:

  1. All users must first submit an access request BEFORE upload samples.  We will review the request and subsequently assign the time window for the access.
  2. Depending on the number of samples to be analyzed, access duration up to 14 days will be granted for each access request. 
  3. Access time longer than 2 weeks might be possible when the overall usage of the software is light. 
  4. At the end of each assigned access session, users must download all their analysis results AND remove all the samples so that other USC users are able to upload their samples for the analysis.
  5. Failure to comply with our IVA user policy will be warned. 
  6. Repeated violations of the user policy will render your access privilege suspended or permanently revoked.