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Resources for students enrolled in MEDS-490: Introduction to Biomedical Research


Welcome! This guide was created for undergraduate students enrolled in MEDS-490: Introduction to Biomedical Research. 


Joyce M. Richey, PhD

Stuart Swadron, MD

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Course Information

This is a course for students who are interested in biomedical research. It is designed to provide both an introduction to the fundamentals of biomedical research and direct exposure to basic science research projects in the various laboratories at KSOM. Throughout the independent research study, students will receive didactic sessions on hypothesis testing, research methodology, laboratory safety, animal training, ethics and hands on experience in data collection. Students will have an opportunity to work closely with KSOM faculty, performing cutting edge research and through their research efforts, will be contributing to the advancement of the biomedical science.

Course objectives:

1.    Successfully generate a hypothesis-driven research question

2.    Understand the appropriate methodology to collect data

3.    Execute a critical review of the literature

4.    Describe different research study designs and research tools, and understand their advantages and disadvantages

5.    Define and understand the concept of informed consent and/or ethical treatment of animals in research

6.    Describe the history and current standards of human subject protection and/or understanding the utility of various animal models in biomedical research

7.    Be familiar with some of the various career pathways for biomedical researchers

8.    Understand the concepts of basic epidemiology 


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