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Nextbio: Overview

Main Applications

Featuring the world’s largest collection of curated and pre-analyzed public ‘omics data, Nextbio's Research and Translational Medicine Ecosystem is a web-based discovery platform that provides a practical way to mine vast quantities of complex biological, clinical and literature data.

Advanced literature search and study

  • Defined literature, news and clinical trials search with an distinct search algorithm that summarize searched results into categorized text-mining tags for quick explore.
  • Speed reading with matching sentences/paragraphs search and section search on > 3.5million Elsevier full-text journal articles

Genomic data mining and meta-analysis

  • Gene Query – Determine how genes ‘behave’ across the vast data landscape.
  • Data Query – Discover how your own data correlates to all other studies in NextBio.
  • Pathway Query – Uncover functional relationships and dysregulated disease pathways.
  • Body Atlas – Obtain overviews of gene, pathway and signature queries in normal tissue and cell line atlases.
  • Disease Atlas – Find diseases, traits and conditions associated with a queried gene, SNP, or data set.
  • Pharmaco Atlas –Discover compounds and treatments that affect a queried gene or data set.
  • Knockdown Atlas –See which genetic perturbations affect a queried gene or data set
  • Data Import – Learn how to bring your own data sets in for correlation.
  • Meta-Analysis Query – Combine datasets and data types for deeper hypothesis generation and validation.
  • Collaboration – See how NextBio Groups, Projects and Bookmarks open collaborative analysis.

Access Nextbio @ USC

USC has licensed Nextbio for the free use of USC faculty, students and staff.  The license consists of unlimited access to USC usersTo get your Nextbio account:

  1. Carefully check out the Nextbio user policy
  2. Fill out the Nextbio registration form
  3. Activate your account following the link in the confirmation email sent out by Nextbio (may take 1-2 days)
  4. Log in here to use Nextbio

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