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Vector NTI Advance: Overview

Vector NTI Advance 11.5

What's new in Vector NTI 11.5

  • Runs directly on Mac OS X with Parallels® 5 for Mac installation.  No more reboot.
  • Improved workflow for querying existing TaqMan Gene Expression Arrays and managing custom designs. 
  • Support Applied Biosystems 3500 .ab1 files.
  • Improved display for primer-template alignment at single-base resolution in Molecular Viewer

Main Applications

  • Vector NTI: Sequence creation, mapping, analysis, design, annotation, illustration.
  • AlignX: Multiple sequence alignment of proteins and DNAs.
  • ContigExpress: DNA sequence assembly, SNP and mutation detection, and sequencing project management.
  • GenomBench:  Analysis and annotation of reference genomic DNA sequences.
  • BioAnnotator: Functional annotation of DNA and protein sequences.
  • Vector NTI Explorer: Molecular biology data retrieval and management.

Key Features

  • Sequence Management: Analyze, create, map, edit, annotate, illustrate, share and publicize DNA and protein sequences.
  • Primers Design: single or batch design of amplification, sequencing, MultiPlex PC, RHybridization, Alignment PCR primers. 
  • In silico Cloning: quick selection of vectors with specificied features (e.g. RE sites, drug resistance markers, promoters, tags, etc.), predict cloning results with Gel Simulation
  • Multiple Sequence Alignment: by ClusterW algorithm with detailed statistics and visualization report
  • Sequence Search: comprehensive search of private databases for proprietary clone collections, and of public databases such as NCBI's Entrez system for sequence similarity and PubMed for citations.
  • Contig Assembly: easy assembly and edit chromatogram data into contigs by CAP3 algorithm.
  • Protein Analysis: visualize 3-D protein structure and analyze protein functions.

Access Vector NTI @ USC

USC has licensed Vector NTI for the free use of USC faculty, students and staff. The license consists of TWO concurrent user seats.  There are two ways you can access Vector NTI:

  1. On your own computer
    (requires local installation of Vector NTI)

    Requires USC fixed IP addresses -computers connected to USC network via Ethernet cable
  2. On NML-Bioinfo workstations computers
    (no software installation needed)
    Available in the Norris Medical Library's Bioinformatics Computation and Consulting Center (top floor)

To get your account:

  1. Carefully check out the Vector NTI user policy.
  2. Fill out the Vector NTI Registration form.

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