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Images: Images - Tech Lunch Series

Find free images to use in presentations. Learn about tools to edit images.


Some of the benefits of including images in your presentation include the ability to:

-leave a powerful, memorable impression on your audience
-convey a quick message
-illustrate concepts or reality
-make emotional connections
-connect with visual learners
-minimize the amount of text on the screen
-enhance the aesthetic of your presentation

Images can communicate more than words alone, but finding the right image can be difficult.  Based on who your audience is, you may need different types of images.  While images from the open internet may be useful for introducing a topic, you may require more discipline specific, detailed images in order to present your work to a professional audience.

The following sources can help you get started in finding images of graphs, charts, and photos in library-licensed resources and the free web.  For a more comprehensive list of resources to search for images please see our Images Subject Guide.

General Images - Free Web

The following resources can be used to find images on the free web.  Although these images are freely accessible, copyright must still be given consideration.

Discipline Specific Images

The following products are discipline specific.  They are better for general searches as their images come from textbooks and they focus on showing the standard or usual.

Research Images

Clinical key includes research books and journals from Elsevier publishing, as well as patient education materials.  It’s a good place to begin searching for newer, unique images.  It’s also an excellent source for clinically focused content for physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.  

Images on Your Mobile Device

For more information on Copyright for images, please see Images Subject Guide/Copyright.


For more information on Copyright for images, please see Images Subject Guide/Copyright.