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Bioinformatics Past Training Events: 2011 Collaboration Symposium

Training recordings & webinars

Navigating an ocean of ‘Omics data with bioinformatics/biostatistics collaboration (Aug 2011)

Morning Session

Morning session recordings 100min


  • Dr. Thomas Buchanan, Associate Dean and Professor, PI of CTSI
    Opening Remarks: “CTSI and bioinformatics collaborations”
  •  Dr. Paul Thomas, Director, Division of Bioinformatics, Dept. Preventive Med.
    “Bioinformatics research and collaboration at the Division of Bioinformatics”
  •  Dr. Jonathan Buckley, Director of Bioinformatics, Epigenome Ctr/Dept. Preventive Med.
    "USC Epigenome Center's bioinformatics services and software"
  •  Dr. Vasu Punj, Lead Bioinformatician and Associate Professor, USC Epigenome Ctr.
    “Bioinformatics service at the Bioinformatics Core of Norris Cancer Center”
  •  Dr. Duncan Thomas, Director, Div. of Biostatistics, Dept. Preventive Med.
    “Integrating -omics information into genetic epidemiology studies”
  • Dr. Xianghong Jasmine Zhou, Associate Professor, Dept. Biol. Sci and Compu Sci.
    "Integrative Analysis of diverse genomic data"

Afternoon Session

Afternoon session recordings 100min


  • Dr. Tim Triche, Professor and Chair, Pathology, CHLA/KSOM
    “Bioinformatic Tools in the Analysis of Childhood Cancer Pathogenesis and Prognosis”
  •  Dr. Fengzhu Sun, Professor, MCP, Dept. Biol. Sci.
    Overview of research @ the Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Group
    "Statistical Approaches for Genomic and Meta-Genomic Data Analysis"
  •  Dr. Kim Siegmund, Associate Professor, Dept. Preventive Med.
    “Statistical Analysis of High-Dimensional Data”
  •  Dr. Ewa Deelman, Project Leader and Associate Professor, ISI
    "Using Workflow Technologies in Bioinformatics"
  • Dr. Ting Chen, Associate Professor, Dept. Biol. Compu Sci. and Math
    “Next Generation Sequencing Analysis: computational tools and software pipeline”
  • Dr. Liang Chen, Assistant Professor, MCP, Dept. Biol. Sci.
    “Generalized Poisson model for RNA-seq data analysis”
  •  Dr. Frank Alber, Assistant Professor, MCP, Dept. Biol. Sci.
    “Data integration for 3D genome structure analysis”
  • Dr. Remo Rohs, Assistant Professor, Dept. Biol. Sci.
    “Adding dimensions to linear sequence information: Highthroughput prediction of DNA shape”