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HPCC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource: Access Instruction

Read Before You Apply

  • In order to use the HPC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource, you must either have your own HPC account, or be an authorized member of an existing HPC project account. 
  • If you belong to a research lab and other members of your lab would also like to access HPC, it is recommended that the primary investigator of the lab (or the person in charge) apply for ONE HPC project account.  Upon approval, the PI can add lab members to the project account.  This way, the lab members will be able to access HPC-NML WITHOUT having to apply for their own individual HPC accounts.
  • HPC has the sole and exclusive right to determine if a user is eligible for HPC access.
  • USC NetID and password are required to apply.
  • Apply for 2-5TB of disk space or more (annual charges apply to additional space).
  • One user may apply for up to two project accounts.
  • It may take up to two weeks for HPC to process account applications. Contact HPC if you don't hear from them after two weeks.

Access Partek Flow in USC HPC

PDF instruction - updated July 2018