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HPCC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource: User Policy

HPCC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource User Policies

  1. Only USC faculty, staff, students, and authorized USC-affiliated researchers can apply and access the HPCC-NML Bioinformatics Computing Resource.
  2. The HPCC-NML Custom Condo is dedicated to the use of the installed bioinformatics software only.  
  3. The installed bioinformatics software can only be executed on the HPCC-NML Custom Condo.
  4. When using USC licensed bioinformatics software, users must adhere to the user policy and license agreement of the software.
  5. Users must also adhere to USC HPCC User Policies.
  6. Violations of this user policy will result in suspension or permanent loss of access privileges.