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Visions and Voices- Medical Clowning, Atay Citron, Doutores d'Alegria (Doctors of Joy): Doutores d’Alegria - Doctors of Joy

Guide created for Vision & Voices events: October 6th, 2014, "Can Clowns Heal? A lecture by Dr. Atay Citron" and October 7th, 2014, "Doutores d'Alegria (Doctors of Joy)."

Doutores d’Alegria

   Tuesday, October 7, 2014 : 6:30pm

   Board Room, Davidson Conference Center

   University Park Campus

   Reception to follow.

   Admission is free. Reservations required. RSVP at the links below    beginning Wednesday, September 10, at 9 a.m. 

   USC Students, Staff and Faculty: To RSVP, click here.
   General Public: To RSVP, click here.


 Inspired by the known healing power of laughter and humor, medical clowns bring magic, music, storytelling and other clowning skills to hospitals and medical centers.

The funny, touching documentary Doutores d’Alegria follows the day-to-day work of the extraordinary medical-clowning organization Doctors of Joy in Brazil, illuminating the transformation that occurs via the joyful presence of clowns in a medical setting. The screening will be followed by a panel discussion featuring Wellington Nogueira, founder of Doutores d’Alegria; Dr. Atay Citron, founder and director of the medical-clowning program at the University of Haifa, Israel; and Karen McCarty of the U.S.-based Big Apple Clown Care Unit.

Trailer for Doutores d'Alegria

More information on the film and Doctors of Joy

More information on panel speakers

A discussion panel will occur after the film. See the sites below for more information on panelists. Examine the tab named "Can Clowns Heal? A lecture by Dr. Atay Citron" on this guide for additional information written by Dr. Citron, and books, websites, and articles about medical clowning.